7 Best Inverter Battery for Home in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

“Power Inverters” or “Power Backups” are known for power backup solutions. In the big metropolitan cities, the power cuts problem might not be a big issue. But you can’t deny it for small towns, cities and villages. Load Sheddings and Powers Cuts are very common in small cities of India. Sometimes, power cuts problem range between 2 hours daily in the cities and almost 6 hours in villages.

In summers, the condition becomes worse. In these situations, it is necessary to have power backup at every home and choosing the right battery & inverter is a critical decision right now. In India, there are many leading companies that build high performance batteries and inverters with high quality & storage power. 

Below are some most trusted & best selling inverter batteries for home listed that will make your power halt free and provide you a stable supply even during power cuts for long duration.









Luminous RC 25000 200AH Tubular Battery

200 AH

Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

Water level indicators: 6


Luminous RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

150 AH

Tall Tubular inverter Battery 

Water Level Indicators: 6


Exide'S It 500 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery

150 AH



Luminous Shakti Charge SC 18054 150 Ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

150 AH

Smart Tall Tubular

Water Level Indicators: 6


Amaron AAM-TT-CR00150TT Plastic Tall Tubular 150Ah Battery

150 AH

Tall Tubular


V-Guard VJ145 135AH Flat Tubular Inverter Battery

135 AH

Flat Tubular


Luminous Red Charge RC 15000 120Ah Recyclable Tubular Inverter Battery

120 AH


Water Level Indicators: 6

1. Luminous RC 25000 200AH Tubular Battery

Luminous-RC-25000-200AH-Tubular Battery
Luminous is the first name that comes to everyone’s mind when we talk about inverters and batteries. Since Luminous put step into the market, it always catered the customers with best quality batteries and inverters. However, performance wise, this tubular battery has considered to be having no competition from any other battery.

The RC 25000 model has the capacity of 200AH. On paper it may not look like a powerful battery, but it is great for small offices and other mid-sized spaces. It can easily handle all the home appliances without any sweat and can also handle various computers and fans in the offices. Overall it is the best alternative for small houses and offices. Even it can be easily used in bigger houses.

When it comes to durability of the battery, the exterior is pretty durable and also has a polypropylene coating which repels the dust accumulating on it. The product is also resistant to corrosion and small impacts. But that’s not all, as we already told you that this is the best alternative for you. Here are some unbeatable features of this battery. 

As the name suggests, it has two highly functional and efficient tubular plates and it has deep cycle capabilities. Due to this, it can serve you for a long time even if you don’t maintain it properly. On the product there are few porous vents available which releases gases and provide you a decent discharge performance.

  • This battery can provide backup for more than 12 hours easily.
  • Product Maintenance is low.
  • 3-Year Warranty Period
  • Efficient & Last Longer
  • Resistant to corrosion and impacts.
  • Weight is heavy than usual
  • Price is costly in comparison with rivals (but worth it!!)

2. Luminous RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

Did you find the precious battery too costly for you?? No worries. Here is the option almost the same as the above battery in performance with less price. As the product is from Luminous, there is no doubt about the quality of the product. And I know you are thinking the same as why this one is the best alternative for RC 25000? Let’s find out below.

Firstly, the stature of this battery is tall and tubular which makes it super easy to install and straightforward. It also has an alloy component on its exterior which is patented by the Luminous to protect the lead part of the battery. It also prevents corrosion and common damages. 

The best thing about this RC 18000 model is that it has daramic separator which is puncture resistant and thus reduces the chances of damage due to short circuits. Also, it’s charge recovery is very effective and fast.However it comes with smaller capacity than RC 25000 as it has a capacity of 150 AH which makes it not a good option for an office or an enterprise. But this battery is the ideal & perfect choice for homes. It offers puncture free continuous flow of electricity without any halts. 

As the other batteries of Luminous, this one is costly too but it’s totally worth it as it has a warranty period of 3 years and can serve you for years if you maintain it properly. If you see with long term vision, this is the battery which saves you the money in many aspects.

  • Comes with a desired fast charging feature.
Long Backup period of more than 12 hours.
  • Life expectancy of minimum 5-6 years.
  • Leak-Proof, Rust-Proof & Shock-Proof
  • Compatible with air coolers, refrigerators, and television.
Not a good option for offices and enterprises.

3. Exide’S It 500 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Exide is also a leading brand in batteries & inverters. After Luminous, exide has the most share of the batteries market. This exide battery is integrated with hybrid technology, therefore, it can easily survive high temperature issues and small impacts and halts, and also prevent the battery from dust and rust. It also saves the interior of the battery from rust.

As stated, it has a hybrid alloy system, which minimizes the issue of water loss, due to which it stays immune to failure issues. Therefore, it offers very low & less complicated maintenance than other batteries. To measure its electrolyte level, a small indicator is provided on the top. (Super Cool, isn’t it)

Exide tubular batteries consist of durable and thick plates which do not get affected by sudden shocks & vibrations. Isn’t it the perfect choice for you??

  • It can handle high temperature situations which makes it suitable for summers in the plain area.
  • Most affordable & yet most efficient inverter battery.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • No maintenance at all.
  • Has anti-splash guard to prevent interior from water
Installation is tricky, not easy.
  • Maybe not fit for new generation inverters.

4. Luminous SC18054, 150AH Battery


Are you looking for an affordable battery from luminous??This luminous SC18054. 150 AH battery is the ideal and the most affordable option of Luminous for you. Also, this model has a warranty period of whooping 54 months (that’s exactly 4 years & 4 months). INSANE!!!!! It means, if you have any issues with the battery, you can directly call the company and ask for the solution for free.

Let’s talk about the features of this beast. It has a coveted spine alloy composition, which helps in resisting rust and small impacts and damages effectively. It also has a low maintenance model and a prolonged service life. This battery also prevents spilling of water during refilling as it has anti splash guards.
The most remarkable thing about this battery is its durability. It defends the battery from severe power cuts and shocks quite easily. As it has a 54 months warranty, this battery can serve you for at least for five to six years.

As it has a capacity of 150 AH, it is good for household uses same as RC18000 150 AH. Also, it has a pretty straightforward charging mechanism and it also has indicators so that you can easily understand the needs & essentials of the battery which are needed from time to time.

  • Value for money, offer a decent 6 hours backup
  • Guaranteed lifespan of more than 5 years.
  • Less in weight unlike other luminous batteries.
  • Charging mechanism is easy.
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • Leakage possibilities.
  • Requires top-ups regularly.

5. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Amaron-Inverter-150Ah-Tall-Tubular Battery

Amaron is a very demanding product in terms of battery along with Luminous. The speciality of the Amaron brand is that this battery is compatible with all the modern inverters. It has a capacity of 150AH and the battery type is a tubular type which increases the heat tolerance capacity of the battery. It also has a reserve power supply which is very useful during long power cuts.

The other main features of this battery is its low maintenance cost. Battery consists of high heat resistant calcium and grids are made up of alloy sums up to its low maintenance cost. The charging capacity of this battery is very easy. Battery is covered completely, therefore there is no loss of water and thus it does not require much maintenance.

It has a warranty period of 48 months (that is 4 years!! Completely insane !!!), but the weight of this battery is 55 kg when charged which makes it a bit heavy. But this is the best suite for indian families.

  • Fully covered, therefore no loss of water.
  • High quality performance & exceptional charging speed.
  • Work with all modern inverters.
  • Little bit expensive.
  • Weight is heavy (55 KG)

6. V-Guard VJ145 135Ah Flat Tubular Inverter Battery


As most of the people recommend Luminous and Exide, this V-Guard battery is also a good option. This V-Guard has a capacity of 135Ah which is suitable for all the homes in the cities where power cuts are not so common. This is very cheap in price in comparison with Exide or Luminous’s 150Ah batteries. 

This battery is also compatible with all the inverters and also has very low maintenance costs. Even it only requires only 16 Liters of water for an year’s performance. It has a backup of more than 2 hours continuous at the loads of 400W. It has rugged positive tubular plates which ensures endurance and long life. This battery is also environment friendly because it generates less gas. 

This VJ145 ranks at the top in cities because of its very low maintenance costs.

  • Suited for Indian Conditions, high performance levels.
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Quick recharging facility.
  • Occupies more space
  • Sometimes acid leakage

7. Luminous Red Charge RC 15000 120Ah Recyclable Tubular Inverter Battery


This Luminous battery is particularly made up for city indian homes. Luminous Red Charge RC 15000 comes in many variants, but this 120Ah battery can be found commonly in Indian households.

If you are looking for an affordable, low maintenance battery with high-performance with a great brand quality, this battery is the only best choice for you. It has a capacity of 120Ah, ideal for power backup needs in homes. This RC battery has advanced tubular-plate technology which ensures the uninterrupted power supply regularly for more than 2 hours.

RC 15000 120Ah can handle heavy duty appliances like ACs & refrigerators easily with giving regular supply to fans, tube lights & fans etc..
It has six water level indicators and it is made up of low antimony alloy, due to which maintenance cost drops drastically. It also protects the interior from dust and moisture. Overcharging tolerance levels are also at its best.

  • Battery is recyclable.
  • Low Maintenance costs
  • Efficient and long lasting.
  • Capacity is a bit lower which makes it not comfortable in areas with frequent power cuts.

Conclusion :
Though we have listed different types of inverter Batteries but one that stands out from others is Luminous RC 25000 200AH Tubular Battery and is in use by us at our place. This inverter battery is really great with high performance, faster charging. This battery comes with 36 Months warranty. Moreover this battery reduces electricity consumption, which in turn increases financial savings.At the end, according to us you can buy this battery without thinking. It’s overall demand on your need and your choice. We have guided you about all the best inverter batteries for home use in India. However, if you need any type of help or want to suggest anything which I want to add in our article, Please write us or contact us via Contact us Page. Hopefully, our section of Inverter batteries tips can help you out in that aspect.

Points to consider when buying an inverter battery

It is important to have a regular power supply so that all the appliances do not get any halt or shock. Every household has its own requirements for power backup and you should know it before buying a best battery for inverter. There is a vast market of inverter batteries in India, which provides a wide range of batteries and inverters depending on your requirements and space. 

Choosing a suitable battery for your home can be a little tricky. Luminous, Exide, V-Guard and Amaron are the reputed brands people are most heard of. But do you know which will be the right battery for your home? Because if your neighbour recommends you the battery he is using, doesn’t mean that same battery will be suitable for your home. There are many points you should consider before choosing the right capacity inverter battery.

  • You can easily calculate your power requirements at your home which will be useful information when you buy an inverter with battery. Just count the no. of appliances you're gonna use on the inverter. Mostly, people in India leave the heavy duty appliances and only connect the light appliances like fans, lights, LED TVs to the inverters.
  • One fan consumes 70 Watts of electricity, similarly, the tube consumes 60W, CFL consumes 25W and one TV consumes 120W energy. So if you have 3 tube lights, three fans, one CFL and one TV connected all the time to the inverter, your requirement should be 535 Watts.
  • Now the next point is the volt-ampere rating of your inverter.

  • Volt-Ampere rating, i.e. VA rating is the rating which denotes the ratio of electricity and voltage supplied to the electrical equipment by the inverter. No inverter has 100% efficiency. VA rating is always between 60% to 80%. Let us assume, that your inverter’s efficiency is 70%, then the capacity of the battery that your inverter needed is the amount of voltage in Watts your house needed divided by the VA rating.
  • As we calculated your house needs are 535 W and your inverter's VA rating is 70%, then the capacity of your battery will must be more than 535/70% = 765VA. Therefore, the best ideal battery for your home must have a capacity of 800VA.

Battery is the main component for the power backup system. Battery provides the needed current through the inverter to the appliances during power cuts. And it is important to know your battery capacity and its type. Let’s know your battery type first.


Battery Types: 

There are three types of batteries available in Indian markets. One is Flat Plate batteries, second is gel batteries and the other is tubular batteries.

Flat Plate Batteries: Flat plate batteries are lead acid batteries used ideally in cities or in those areas where power cuts duration is short. The flat plate batteries are cheaper than tubular batteries and also have a faster charging rate. These batteries take short time to recharge, therefore it is not as efficient as tubular batteries. Also, these batteries have a lesser warranty period than other batteries.


Tubular Battery: Tubular batteries are also lead-acid batteries but they are bigger in size as compared to flat plate batteries. Tubular batteries are typically made for the areas where power cuts durations are big. These batteries have a larger lifespan and perfect for long power backup needs. 

It comes with a 3 to 5 years warranty period and maintenance costs are also very low. But there are always pros and cons. Here the cons are, that these batteries are expensive and require more storage space than flat plate batteries.


Gel Battery: Gel batteries are a bit more expensive than flat plate & tubular batteries. These batteries can be used for long duration power cuts. These batteries come with gel structure (crisscross) inside the outer shield which prevents acid from settling down, therefore you get more power backup in one recharge. 


These batteries are fully leak proof (environment friendly) and prevent any gas leak or acid leak into the room. Gel batteries are the safest and it doesn’t require any water refilling. Maintenance costs are zero. The only negative point (con) is its price. These batteries are costly.


Battery Capacity: Now as you have read about the battery type, now you have to know about the capacity of the battery. It is stated as the power needed * number of backup hours divided by the voltage of the battery. Generally the voltage of the battery is 12V.


Now suppose we require for 3 hour and as we calculate the power requirement as 535W per hour, therefore the battery capacity you need is 535W*3/12 = 133Ah.


At last the result is, if your requirement is 535W for 3 hours minimum, you need an 800VA inverter with 150Ah battery to run comfortably.


Here are some other main points you should definitely consider before choosing an ideal battery for your inverter.


Warranty: Each battery has a limited lifespan and it is necessary to replace the old battery after some time. Some batteries don't need replacement till 6-7 years if maintained properly. But in case your battery stopped working or spilled acid at the home, there are warranty periods, in which it can be serviced free of charge.


There are two types of warranties in batteries: flat and pro-rata warranty and you should be aware of these two kinds. If you go through some product details of a battery, you will see that it has 36 months plus 12 months warranty. Now what does that mean? 


It means it has a flat warranty of 36 months and pro-rata warranty of 12 months. In detail, if you face any problem in the first 36 months, it will be services free of charge or replaced free of charge and if you face problems in the next 12 months, it will get replaced in return of a discounted price for your old battery.


It is always beneficial to buy batteries from a brand like Luminous, Exide, Amaron etc, as these companies serve the customers with good customer support, installation and maintenance and most of all a good warranty period.

Here are some tips to increase the life of your battery by maintaining your inverter battery properly. 

  • It is always advisable to keep the battery away from direct sunlight. You should put it in a trolley which covers it from the sides.
  • Also, keep the battery away from fire resources like refrigerators, TVs, ACs, cylinders, kitchen etc. 
  • Keep it away from the reach of your children.
  • Check the float indicators from time to time and also refill it on time when needed. 
  • Never add acid to the battery at any point.
  • Overcharging a battery can reduce its lifespan. Avoid it!!
  • Do Not keep the water indicators open. It can attract dust which shorts the life of the battery.
  • Put the battery on the ground level. It is not advisable to be held on a high place or shelf. It is heavy also. 
  • Always contact an authorized service centre in case you face any problem in the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Inverter Batteries

Till now, we have talked about all the fundamental aspects of the best inverter battery in India. So, now, we will be answering a few common questions about them to make your idea a little bit clearer.

Which inverter battery is best for Home, Office and Shops use in India??

which battery is best for inverter

What other things should we consider before choosing a battery other that you mentioned?

Yes. You have to check whether the float indicators are easily visible or not. If it’s easy to see, then you can refill the battery when needed which increases the life of the battery. Also, check the insulation of the terminals which prevent the electric shocks. Finally check the vent plugs, that they are designed perfectly to regulate gas pressure inside the battery.

Is it good to buy an inverter & battery online?

As long as you are looking for brands, it is suitable to buy an inverter & battery online. There are many reputed websites like amazon and other e-com websites. 

Amazon has many features and cash backs for each product, so it is always advisable to check on amazon. Amazon also provides easy EMI options and other discounts. There are some points you should consider before buying online like:

  • The product has a return option and also a no charge refund option. In case, if you get any defective piece, then it will be replaced free of charge.
  • Check the specifications in detail or use this buying guide to choose the right battery for your inverter.
  • Also check the warranty period. As we discussed earlier, check both flat and pro-rata warranty.
  • Also ensure that manufacturers provide round-the-clock service.
  • If you have an old battery, you should avail buy back option.

How to charge inverter battery without electricity?

If you want to charge your inverter battery without electricity then it is possible only with Solar Energy. For more details about Solar inverters and batteries you can read our this article.

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which water is used in inverter battery?

how to make distilled water for inverter battery at home?

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can we use rain water in inverter battery?

How to fill water in inverter battery?

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